Health and Quality| Fresh Squeezed Juice

Our OrangeFresh fresh orange juice Vending Machines offer everyone (employees, clients, guests) an orange juice that is freshly squeezed and quickly prepared on the spot, in such a way that it is able to properly meet the ever-increasing demand for healthy products.

In the past few years, Romanians’ tendency to fuel their bodies with the healthier food has become increasingly stronger. There are a variety of companies, publications, blogs, etc. promoting the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Boxed juice, obtained through the pasteurization process, loses much of its vitamin content—so much so that these can become inactivated; Vitamin C is especially sensitive to high temperatures.

Various studies done at nutritional research institutes have shown that artificial nutrients and vitamins absorption is significantly reduced when compared to the ones provided by fresh fruit. Therefore it has been revealed that when it comes to health and nutrition, fresh fruits and vegetables (as well as fresh juices) are irreplaceable.

OrangeFresh Vending Machines can be installed in much frequented places, such as schools, universities, workout facilities, offices, shopping malls, airports, train stations, or underground areas. The juice made by the OrangeFresh Vending Machines is very high in quality as well as purity, and has a fair price (5lei/210ml cup).

The oranges stocked within the fresh orange juice Vending Machines are carefully picked and professionally washed prior to being placed inside the Vending Machine. This way, our system provides the cleanest and most hygienic production system of natural orange juice on the market. We invite you to try a cup in any of the locations where we’ve placed one of our OrangeFresh Vending Machines.