Juice Vending Machines

Our Vending machines that can offer 100% natural juice from squeezed onsite prewashed oranges. We are present in Bucharest everywhere: office buildings, schools, universities, fitness centers, malls, airports, train stations, subways, parks etc. Our offer is the same everywhere and consist in a freshly squeezed juice at a competitive price (universal price = 5 lei for a 210 ml cup).

Exceptions are the cases when companies wish to offer a benefit to the employees and sponsor partially or totally the price of the orange fresh, thus they rent form us the orange fresh vending machines.

The vending machine has a modern design that offers transparency to the preparation process. The process of squeezing the oranges can be watched through the window that covers the front of the machine, the client can see directly the oranges cut and squeezed on site in front of them so they have the guaranteethat the juice is 100% natural and squeezed onsite.

The professional juicer inside the vending machine is made of special antibacterial materials and it is very fast, in 40 seconds it squeezes 4-5 juicy sweet oranges from which you can obtain a cup of juice of minimum 210 ml and maximum 250 ml.

Our sales strategy does not allow the collection and reuse of old juice. In a a cup flow only the juice from the onsite squeezed oranges and that is why the quantity in a cup may slightly vary but minimum 210 ml is guaranteed. If we would have filled the cup based on level criteria that would have meant to store a portion of the precedent client and reuse it when another client orders. In this case, unfortunately most commonly met in the market, the content of the second cup can’t be called fresh because any squeezed orange juice older than 15 minutes is just a natural orange juice and it is no longer fresh.

The orange juice can be consumed in maximum 3 hours from production because it does not contain any additives, preservatives, only the squeezed juice. Our recommendation is to drink the juice in 15 minutes from preparation if you want a fresh. After 15 minutes the natural juices generally begin to oxidize and become natural juices without having the same taste and flavor.

Attention: if you still want to consume the juice later we recommend to put it in a hermetic closed recipient or bottle and to keep it in the fridge at 4-7 Celsius degrees. Natural orange juice without additives and pasteurization has a homologated European warranty of maximum 48 hours kept in the conditions mentioned above. Otherwise it expires in 3 hours from being squeezed and we advise you not to drink it if a longer period has passed.

A cup/glass of orange juice contains 210-250 ml and it is automatically served in recyclable and biodegradable cardboard cups. The fruits are specially selected and we guarantee that all the used oranges are juicy and sweet because we sample each orange batch.

Along the transparency of the preparation process the OrangeFresh vending machines distinguish themselves by the fast and automated auto cleaning and sanitizing system ensuring the hygiene standards imposed by CE.

The juice produced by the orange fresh vending machine is pure, purer than any other juice obtained from a manual juicer, because at the manual juicers the cleaning is once a day meanwhile the vending machines has an automatic cleaning algorithm based on the served portions and the time interval of ordering. From case to case the self-cleaning and sanitizing is at least 3 times/day, up to 10 times/day!

OrangeFresh Vending Machines are monitored by a GPS monitoring system – SAS Vend – which signals in real time if a certain level (critical) of the orange stock was reached, signals possible malfunctions etc so the downtime of the machine is very small or inexistent.

One of the current problems of the Vending Machines is the fact that the owner never knows when there are no more products or it malfunctions. Using the GPRS telemetry monitoring solution developed by SAS Grup (www.sasvend.ro) we are alerted in real time in any of the above situations and intervene rapidly anywhere in Bucharest, in this way the clients will not have long periods in which they will not benefit of the freshly squeezed orange juice.