About Us | Natural orange juice Vending Machines

OrangeFresh Universal together with its main operator, G.P.S. Universal SRL, are part of SAS GRUP corporate group, and exclusively operate fresh natural orange juice Vending Machines  in Romania.

The most recognized company within the group is S.A.S Grup SRL – www.sasgrup.ro /www.alarma.ro , the present-day leader on the market for remote monitoring of vehicles, with a portfolio of over 100.000 vehicles tracked online in real time through GPS, and over 5.000 companies that are active clients.

Within the same group of enterprises, you will also find Autocurat Flote Auto- www.autocurat.ro, (a national network of over 300 companies with car washing services that are membership-based, dedicated exclusively to businesses). 

G.P.S. Universal is the main supplier of solutions for payment through SMS, RFID card, and bank cards Vending Machines. Product payment for Vending Machines can be made for the first time in Romania with a bank card in real time using a simple smartphone app. The “wallet” application can be installed on any smartphone Android/Apple product And it uses data off the debit/credit card in order to complete the online payment.  

Orangefresh Universal is the company that exclusively develops and is in charge of the activities regarding fresh orange juice and other natural juices Vending Machines. We are the only Romanian manufacturers of professional, automatic machines distributing Bag in Box bottled natural juices - www.emavend.ro.

The Orangefresh Universal Company presently owns over 75 fresh orange juice Vending Machines, a number that is constantly and steadily increasing.

Presently, our fresh orange juice Vending Machines are installed in diverse locations only throughout Bucharest (office buildings, hospitals, learning facilities, airports, etc.) and Constanta. Our first franchise is in Constanta County, with fresh orange juice Vending Machines inclusively covering the littoral area. Beginning with the year 2016, we have started the set up partnerships for operation of  autmatic dispensers of 100% natural juices, including BIO juices brought in from Poland. We provideour partners in HORECA, but also at office buildings our natural juices automatic dispensers. Per request, we also deliver natural juices Bag in Box bottled, and we provide the periodic maintenance and sanitation of these natural juice automatic dispensers.

There are various differences between fresh orange juice Vending Machines and table top natural juice dispensers. Foremost, the differences is in size: fresh orange juice Vending Machines have the following dimensions:  1.9 x 0.9 x 0.9 m, while the automatic juice dispensers have the very small dimensions of 0.4 x 0.35 x 0.3 m. Secondly, fresh orange juice Vending Machines are classicVending Machines completely automatic with  bills acceptors/cards/SMS payment systems and therefore do not require a human salesperson. Table top natural juice dispensers do not allow for the automatic collection of money. The third difference has to do with the fact that fresh orange juice Vending Machines squeeze oranges on the spot to create juice in front of the client, while the other device provides natural juice from Bag-in–Box containers, generally pasteurized juice (pasteurization= the process eliminating fermentation risks through the heating of the liquid to 82 degrees C for 5 minutes, followed by sudden cooling).

We are reaching out to all companies, clients or administrators of offices or public spaces wanting to offer employees/clients/visitors the possibility of drinking fresh-squeezed juice made of oranges (orange fresh) 24 hours a day, non-stop. You are welcome to choose among our Vending Machines, which are overseen by the OrangeFresh& GPS Universal companies and which will ensure fruit supply, device maintenance and management, etc. Alternatively, you can purchase or loan the smaller dispenser of natural juice from Bag in Box.