Orange Fresh - Natural juice from our Vending Machine - 10 lei a big cup with 300 ml of natural juice

NEW: Companies which would like to offer benefits to employees can partially subsidize the cost off a cup of fresh orange juice or a natural juice of choice.

For a monthly vending machine hygiene and sanitation tax of 350 Euro+VAT, the price of a cup of fresh juice is only 3 lei.

Contact us if you would like a fresh orange juice Vending Machine in your work place or on a special day for meetings or parties.

NEW: As of 2016, in addition to fresh orange juice, our Vending Machines may distribute two more natural juices at choice, which also include natural BIO juices imported from EU (Bag in Box bottled and perfectly sealed). In addition, we can offer fully automated juice dispensers and smaller natural juice Vending Machines, which are easy to place into any space.

For details regarding automated natural juice dispensers produced by Orangefresh under the EmaVend brand, as well as information regarding the assortment of natural juices we offer, go to

A few reasons why a Fresh orange juice Vending Machine would be great for you:

  • Extremely attractive price, only 10 lei per cup of juice of 300 ml minimum (or just 3 lei with partial subvention).
  • Available non-stop: You can enjoy a cup of fresh orange juice 24 hours a day.
  • You can see what you’re buying: the orange squeezing process is visible through a large, transparent window.
  • The juice comes from the sweetest, hand-selected oranges. Every orange is PRE-WASHED to ensure a sanitary product.
  • Oranges are cut in half and squeezed, ensuring that the juice does not come in contact with the orange peel. This means the juice never tastes bitter due to the oils in the peel and white pulp.
  • Electronic temperature control inside the Vending Machine keeps the oranges between 5 - 10 degrees Celsius. This way there is no risk of molding or spoiling of the fruit.
  • Sanitation of these machines is done AUTOMATICALLY – the self-sanitation program is configured to begin automatically after a certain amount of juice is served or at least once an hour. 

Would you like a Fresh orange juice vending machine at your work place?

Let us know!