FAQ| Find out more about the fresh orange juice Vending Machines!

1. What automatic functions are the OrangeFresh Vending Machines able to perform? Is it only the squeezing of the oranges?

Answer: In addition to the slicing and squeezing of the oranges on the spot, the OrangeFresh Vending Machine performs absolutely all tasks, much like a coffee Vending Machine, for example. The Vending Machine releases an empty cup from the cup container, initiates the orange squeezing process and simultaneously automatically displaces a predefined number of oranges (from its own storage zone), which are being sliced and squeezes the juice from the orange halfs into the cup.

2. Are oranges washed beforehand?


Additionally, the entire preparation process only touches the inside of the oranges, the orange peel never being touched at all. Moreover, the entire preparation process can be viewed through the large, transparent window that covers the front of the Vending Machine.

3. How is the Vending Machine’s sanitation done? How do you clean off orange juice drops that are located in the Vending Machine, or on the floor?

Answer: Sanitation occurs both automatically and manually, with the help of certified cleaning substances. The Vending Machine is completely air-tight; there is absolutely no juice leakage around it. There is also no juice leakage within the machine, deriving from the advanced orange juice preparation process.  The Orange Fresh Vending Machine has an automatic sanitation system, which obey the sanitation standards imposed by CE. For sanitation purposes, connecting to the building’s water network is not necessary as our Vending Machines have their own cleaning systems falling under the maintenance responsibilities of Orange Fresh Universal

4. How much orange juice does the Vending Machine squeezes into a cup  and how much does a cup cost?

Answer: A serving of fresh orange juice is minimum 210mls, and costs 5 lei.

5. Does your Vending Machine also function outdoors?

Answer: Fresh orange juice Vending Machines are able to function from ranges of 0 degrees Celsius to +40 degrees C. When we install them outdoors, we place the Vending Machines in special ventilated enclosures during summer and shelters during wintertime.

6. How long does it take for the juice to be ready to consume?

Answer: The oranges needed to fill the 210ml cup are squeezedin approximately 40 seconds .

7. Do the Vending Machines provide change or do I need an exact amount of money?

Answer: The Vending machine does not provide change, but the leftover amount will be reported. This way, with a bill of 10 lei, one may purchase two cups of fresh orange juice. 

8. How long does it take to ensure that the Vending Machine is refilled with oranges once it runs out of fruit?

Answer: We are alerted in real time when our stock of oranges reaches a critical level, through our GPRS telemetry system. A team will be ready to re-stock oranges as soon as they receive the notice. In the unlikely scenario that the oranges run out very quickly, the team will likely already be on the road and will receive an extra notice for rush delivery, therefor within at most 15 minutes the Vending Machine will be refilled with oranges.  The Vending Machine has a refrigeration chamber capacity of 55kg of fresh oranges.

The refilling of the Vending Machine with oranges , the emptying of peel remains, supplementary sanitation of the interior and exterior of the device, as well as general maintenance of the surrounding  location where the Vending Machine is requires around 30 minutes.

9. In case of a malfunction, how long will it take to intervene, and about how long does reparation take?

Answer: The service will receive an alert in real time through our GPRS telemetry system and can intervene in approximately 30 minutes from the time the alert triggers. Service operations generally last very little time, since these fresh orange juice Vending Machines are new, including new technology—making the likelihood of serious malfunctions very small.